Monday, November 11, 2013

4 Reasons to Join the 52 Peak Club

1. You will get into better shape.
If you hike/climb all 52 Peaks, it's impossible not to get into better shape. Why? By climbing all 52 Peaks you will have ascended over 120,000 feet, which is the equivalent of climbing 8,000 flights of stairs. Also, you will have walked/hiked over 300 miles.
Another reason you will get into better shape is rock scrambling uses all of your muscles and is not the same repetitive motion as swimming, biking, or running.

2. You will conquer your fears and increase your self confidence.
When you hike/climb all 52 Peaks, your fear of heights will be conquered. Many people have a fear of heights. This will give you self confidence that you can use in other areas of your life.

3. You will learn about the peaks and more about hiking.
The 52 Peak Club has the best leaders that can teach you about the different peaks and general hiking information. Your knowledge in any subject is directly related to who you listen to, be it a person, book, DVD etc.

4. You will meet some great people.
The 52 Peak Club attracts people who want to better themselves. These are people who set goals and achieve them. Not only will you meet them; you will get to know them. Our average hike is about five hours. You can get to know someone pretty well in five hours and that's just one of at least 52 hikes you will do.
We have females and males; ages from 18 to 75; and people from all over the world are members of the 52 Peak Club.

                                       Join now and take your hiking to the next level.