Monday, May 27, 2013

Cathedral Rock - South Loop Trails Opened (5-27-2013)

Both the Cathedral Rock and South Loop Trails are now open for hiking. Many other Campgrounds and picnic areas are not.

Forget the old trailheads to Cathedral Rock and South Loop they are gone! No bathroom, no stairs, no parking lot. Now, just dirt.
Old trailhead

To reach the new trailhead for both Cathedral Rock and South Loop Trails

Drive past the old trailhead and into the very well signed Cathedral Rock Picnic Area and continue to the large parking lot. It has two flush bathrooms and running water! This is nice!
Entrance to Cathedral Rock 

Large parking lot!

To find the trailhead for Cathedral Rock and South Loop Trails

This is the tricky part. There's only a very small sign located near the start of the parking lot on the right side. I believe in the future there will be a much larger sign.
The hard to find trailhead

This is a connector trail. In about 50 yards you come to a divide and a sign. Go left for the South Loop Trail. In about 100 yards you will be on the real South Loop Trail. Go right to continue to Cathedral Rock Trail.
Left: South Loop- Right Cathedral Rock

Continue another 75 yards to another divide: Veer left for Cathedral Rock. Going right takes you to Echo Trail. You are now on the original Cathedral Rock Trail. Follow it about one mile to the final divide where you veer right.
Veer right to the summit

As of today (5-27-2013), there's no fee booth. The photo below is where I think the fee booth will stand.
This is just past the large parking lot, so there's no reason to drive beyond the new parking lot. There are no other trailheads for Cathedral Rock and South Loop Trails beyond where the fee booth will stand.