Sunday, March 3, 2013

Prime Red Rock Season is Here

March 1st marks the start of the prime hiking season in Red Rock Canyon, which is the favorite place to hike for locals and visitors.
Why is March 1st the start?
First, Red Rock Canyon stays open until 7 pm  It was only open until 5 pm  This gives hikers an extra two hours to complete their hike and avoid expensive tickets.
Second, it's getting warmer. The average daytime temps in Las Vegas in March is: 70 degrees. It is a bit cooler in Red Rock due to the elevation.
Finally, Daylight Saving Time starts March 10. It will not be dark until 7 pm and then later as the year progresses.

Best Hikes in Red Rock

This depends on your fitness level and your scrambling abilities.
For beginners: 
Lost Creek Canyon: all trail that ends at a seasonal waterfall
First Creek Waterfall: all trail that ends at a seasonal waterfall
Las Vegas Overlook: all trail that ends with great views of Las Vegas and Red Rock
Kraft Mtn Loop; part trail, part scrambling that makes a big loop around Kraft Mtn.
More info on all these hikes:

For intermediate hikers:
Terrace Canyon: trail and bouldering hike to a very scenic canyon
The Park: trail hike that leads to a park like setting high in the canyon
North Peak: trail and scrambling hike that leads to one of the highest peaks in Red Rock Canyon.
More info on all these hikes:

Don't know what scrambling means: Check out this video

I will cover advance hikes in my next post.

Note: The 52 Peak Party is April 27th. More info here.