Monday, July 23, 2012

Mummy's Toe Southern Route

Mummy's Toe
The southern route to Mummy's Toe is (10,925 ft) is one of the most impossible looking routes in Mt. Charleston.
Here are the stats: 
Distance: 8.5 miles – round trip
Elevation gain: 3,220 feet
Elevation peak: 10,925 feet
Time: 5 hours – round trip

Unfortunately the route is very dangerous due to loose rock. In fact, the route has some of the loosest rock in all of Mt. Charleston. The southern route is completely different from the standard route.
Impossible looking route to Mummy's Toe

Last Friday Kathy and I did the hike and re-routed one of the climbs to make the route safer. Even though the new route avoids a very loose climb, it's still a dangerous route and only four or less hikers should attempt the route.

Although you can retrace your steps, descending to Mummy Springs is safer, probably quicker and makes the hike a partial round trip.
Loose climb that's history

Mummy Mtn. has five separate summits: Mummy's Tummy 11,542 ft, Mummy's Forehead 11,040 ft, Mummy's Chin 11,037 ft, Mummy's Toe 10,925, Mummy's Nose 10,748 ft.

New climb