Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Volunteer Opportunities in Mt. Charleston

There has been a refreshing change in the attitude of the US Forestry Service in Mt. Charleston. Gone are the days of trying to restrict hiking and thinking Branch Whitney is public enemy number one!
There have also been some good improvements to at least two trailheads.

Trail Canyon trailhead now has a huge parking lot with a bathroom. This has been needed for over a decade. Mary Jane/Big Falls parking lot has been greatly expanded. The bathroom is back along with the trail sign.

Cathedral Rock - South Loop Trails

The Cathedral Rock Picnic Area and access to both trails through Cathedral Rock is closed until 2013. You can still hike both trails.
Here's how: From the paved parking area at the bathroom ascend the stairs (photo to the left) and turn left at the top as indicated by a sign.
For Cathedral Rock: stay on the main trail and follow signs where you intersect the original Cathedral Rock Trail. There's now a trail sign indicating to follow the right fork before the summit of Cathedral Rock.

South Loop Trail: From the paved parking area at the bathroom ascend the steps and turn left as indicated by a sign. At both intersections go left (no signs at this time) and you will soon see the road inside of Cathedral Rock Picnic Area. At some point this connector trail merges with the South Loop Trail and you are off on your adventure!

Volunteer Opportunities

Trail Host: Hike the trails and teach other hikers about the spectacular ecosystem. Promote safety and forest protection. Monitor and report trail conditions.

Visitor Center Host: Provide trip planning for visitors. Promote learning the flora and fauna.

Climate Station Monitor: Visit remote weather stations to maintain equipment and download data.

Snow Host: Greet visitors during the winter season and help them have fun while promoting safety and forest protection.

Educational Volunteers: Assist with educational programs to interpret the natural and cultural resources.

Please contact: Sarah Valentine 702-515-5408 or Sarah@gomtcharleston.com

Trail Conditions:

All trails and routes are snow free. Some trails and routes have down trees due to avalanches this past winter.

I just hiked the Cathedral Rock Trail and then continued on the route to the South Loop Trail and over to Griffith Peak. The path from the end of Cathedral Rock Trail to the South Loop Trail is in good shape and well cairned.