Saturday, April 28, 2012

Mescalito - Southern Route

New route
The Southern Route to Mescalito has always been a great hike with the exception of where you leave the wash and start up the loose slope littered with rocks. Well that has changed. Yesterday I rerouted the route. The new route goes up the loose slope about 30 yards and then heads east along a solid slab.  See the first photo. The cool thing is the route heads for the windsock tree, which is a great landmark. The red arrow is pointing at the windsock tree.

Photo 2

Photo 2 shows more of the slab as it heads toward the windsock tree. We cairned this part of the route to make it easy to follow. Up to this point the route is only class 2.

Photo 2

The Climb

The third photo shows the class 3 climb. This is an extended climb that connects with the original route just beyond the exposed ledge system. This route is now near perfection. Mescalito has always been a fun hike, but the loose slope was at best a pain, but could be dangerous with lots of hikers ascending or descending the slope.

Let me know how you like this new variation.

The climb