Thursday, July 28, 2011

Wild Horses Just 40 Miles From Las Vegas?

It's 2011, correct? There's no way wild horses still roam the mountains around Nevada, right? Wrong! Cold Creek is just 40 miles from Las Vegas and home to wild horses. I have seen several wild horses over the years when hiking to McFarland Peak and Bonanza Peak.

Current Photo
This photo was taken today (7-28-2011). That's my buddy Kenny feeding one of the horses an apple. This was not taken in someone's backyard. He is  really in the foothills near Cold Creek, which is a very small community that is not on the grid. The homes in Cold Creek do not have electricity!

Did You See This the Last Time You Went Hiking?
When is the last time you went hiking and saw wild horses? How about a 3,000 year old tree? How about a waterfall in the middle of the desert? All of these fantastic wonders are less than one hour from Las Vegas.

The Secret to Finding These Wonders
All of these wonders are very hard to find. But I know where you can find the directions to these special place. What's my secret? It's simple, it's my website.
If you go to my website right now, you can download a hiking guide to a 100 foot waterfall in Mt. Charleston.
Check it out and email me if you have questions.