Monday, July 11, 2011

Number One in Google

Hiking Las Vegas has been in the number one spot in Google using the search terms: hiking and Las Vegas for years. Why? There are several reasons, but first let's take a look at what Google does.

What Google Does
Google wants to return the best pages when a person searches. It's that simple.They are in the search engine business. If you search for: How to replace a hard drive and the first pages Google returns are about baking a cake you would not use Google. So Google ranks pages with the most relevant content and that's what we all want.

Reasons My Site Ranks Number One
The reason why my site is number one in Google is it has the most relevant content and has been constantly updated for more than a decade. I did not build a quick site and then never update it. Google sees my site as the authority site for hiking information for the Las Vegas area.

How could my site beat out the multi-million dollar sites? That's a secret only Google knows. I believe it also has to do with these facts:

  • Longevity. I have been on the web since 1998.
  • Size: The site is huge with well over 1,000 pages. 
  • Links: Many sites link to me as an authority site.
First Page for the Search Term: Las Vegas
Just yesterday for the first time the site ranked on Page One in Google with the search term: Las Vegas
There's over a half billion pages ranking for that search term. Hundreds of companies spend millions of dollars to get onto page one for the search term: Las Vegas. I rank higher than 99.9% of sites without spending a dime.

How do I stay on top? By continuing to provide the best content for people looking for hiking information for the Las Vegas area.

Also, why do you think I wrote this article :)