Friday, March 4, 2011

Review of the New Scree Hiking Shoes from Vasque

First and foremost the soles stick to the rock perfectly. There’s no doubt these are Stealth Rubber soles. These shoes stick to the rock as good as the Five Ten Stealth Rubber hiking shoes.
What really makes these hiking shoes stand out above the Five Tens are the construction and comfort. You can tell these shoes will take a beating and not fall apart. They are better constructed than the Five Tens.
I like the reinforced rubber  toe box and the leather uppers.
I normally need Superfeet insoles to protect the bottom of my feet. I do not need them when I wear the Screes.
They are lightweight also. 1.2 pounds each. Only two ounces heavier than the Five Tens. 
They are as comfortable as your favorite pair of house slippers.
I even like the lacing system.
I highly recommend them.
I am trying to work a deal for members of Hiking Las Vegas and 

The above photo is the Scree Low 7090 model. They also have a mid model for ankle support.