Monday, September 20, 2010

Bees at the Mouth of First Creek Canyon

On Sunday as we worked our way past the plethora of spur trails that lead into First Creek Canyon seven hikers were stung by African bees! The photo shows exactly where the bees were. This is just before the Cottonwood tree that marks the end of the path and the start of the wash through First Creek. Although I was not stung, those who were said the bees were aggressive, a trait of African bees.

As many know you pass this point to hike to Mt. Wilson, First Creek Peak and Decision Peak. There are also African bees along the class 3-4 climb on the route to Tunnel Vision Peak.

The Solution:
The original route follows a path to the right of the boulders. It's somewhat overgrown now, but still followable. We took this path on the way out and did not disturb the bees.

My Rants: There are so many paths into First Creek it's impossible to know which is the best path. The environmental nuts at Red Rock cry about trail braiding, but then are too lazy to build one decent trail into the canyon.

Do you think for one second you will see anything on the BLM's pathetic website about the African bees? Since the rangers don't hike, how could they know about the African bees?

Tomorrow: I will address the issue about the new closing hours at Red Rock Canyon. I am waiting for some more inside information.