Thursday, August 5, 2010

Lots of Hikes in Mt. Charleston Updated for Members

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Here at Hiking Las Vegas we are constantly updating the step by step hiking descriptions. We are not like other sites that have hike descriptions 10 years old and woefully out-of-date. We actually hike.

I recently updated Mummy's Chin, the original route. I found this route back in 1998. It's a tough route with lots of loose rock; however, you get to walk through a bristlecone pine that has twisted itself into a circle! Also nearby is a small bristlecone that is growing straight out of a 300 foot wall. (See the slide show photos.)
Stats: 5.5 miles (r/t) -- Elevation gain: 3,200 feet --- Time: 6 hours

Mummy's Toe is a local favorite and has been updated. The new Mummy Springs trail goes well above Mummy Springs and there's almost a path all the way to a break in the wall. From there it's less than 300 yards to the saddle that sits just below the summit.
Stats: 8 miles (r/t) -- Elevation gain: 2,591 feet --- Time: 4 to 5 hours

If that route to Mummy's Toe is not exciting enough for you, I updated Mummy's Toe Southern Route. It's one of the most impossible looking routes in Charleston. It's also one of the loosest. Because of that I strongly suggest limiting hikers to five or less for safety.
Stats: 8.5 miles (r/t) -- Elevation gain: 3220 feet --- Time: 5 hours

For those members looking for an easier hike I updated Stanley B. Springs, which has a year round spring flowing. This is a great family hike and one of the few hikes that offer shade along part of the trail.
Stats: 2.4 miles (r/t) -- Elevation gain: 690 feet --- Time: 1 hour

Moving back to Mummy I also updated Mummy's Nose. This is one of the most dramatic looking summits in Mt. Charleston. The route is now well cairned and the path has become much easier to follow.
Stats: 5 miles (r/t) -- Elevation gain: 2,846 feet --- Time: 4 to 6 hours

I will be updating a hike this weekend with a seemingly impossible traverse. It appears you must rap a 200 foot wall...
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