Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mt. Charleston vs. Red Rock

Sounds like an old-time monster movie! Luckily in this match up both areas are winners. We are lucky here in Las Vegas to have two very different hiking areas so close; however, there are big differences.

Red Rock - Sandstone                                    Charleston- Limestone
Red Rock - 3,700 to 7,070 feet                      Charleston ~7,000 to 11,918 feet
Red Rock - Spring, autumn and winter           Charleston: Summer
Red Rock - 6 am to dusk                               Charleston: 24 hours
 Red Rock - $7 per car                                  Charleston: No fee to enter
Number of peaks:
 Red Rock - 50+                                           Charleston: 19
Red Rock - Yes                                             Charleston: Yes, but not venomous
Managed by:
Red Rock - BLM                                          Charleston: US Forestry
Type of hiking:
Red Rock - trails and scrambling   Charleston: trails and mountaineering

I have alway felt Red Rock is more of a full body workout than Charleston, but it beats you up more.
Charleston is a better cardio workout, since it's at elevation and the hikes are longer.
From talking with hikers and polls on my website, most hikers prefer Red Rock hikes.

Do you have a preference and why? Leave a comment.