Monday, May 10, 2010


There are so many updates it's hard to remember them all:
1. Now when customers purchase individual hikes they are delivered immediately. No waiting.
2. I added a menu on pages in the Members Only section
3. I am updating the other blog more frequently than this blog:
4. Added  new hikes: Wild Ledge Overlook and White Pinnacle via First Creek
5. Updated the following hikes: Calico Hills Loop, Crabby Appleton via Pine Creek, Oak Creek Overlook, Oak Creek Peak, and Shark Boulder. All these hikes have more photos, more waypoints and gpx files. Also the word Photo is in bold text making it easier to find in the write up. Example: Photo 2, Photo 3 etc. The word Waypoint is in blue text making it easier to find in the write up.
6. Added Photo of the Week to the main page.

Coming Soon:
Updates to: Calico Tank and Peak and Windy Peak (normal route) this week.
New hike: Holiday Peak in Red Rock Canyon coming this week! This route follows the Bridge Point Slot Traverse route.