Friday, March 19, 2010

Where to Hike This Weekend

Gee… I might have some suggestions :) With highs in the mid-seventies and longer days (it doesn’t get dark until almost 7 pm), this shouts: Hike in Red Rock Canyon. The waterfalls are still flowing and Calico Tank has lots for water.

Calico Tank Taken from Calico Tank Peak
Did you know there are routes to Calico Tank and most avoid  having to drive the Scenic Loop. You can do the traditional route starting at Sandstone Quarry, but you will have to drive the Scenic Loop. You can also start at Calico Hills II and follow Brit’s Loop to the highpoint. From there it’s a short hike to Calico Tank.

Routes That Avoid Driving the Scenic Loop

One route starts from Calico Basin/Red Springs. This wild route traverses Calico Hills to the saddle (sometimes called Guardian Angel Pass) and then continues back up on the ridge and over to Calico Tanks. This is an advance route with lots of route finding and class 3+ scrambling. You can also hike directly to Guardian Angel Pass and then start the traverse to Calico Tank.
Another route starts at Kraft Mountain trailhead and follows the Red and White Route to Calico Tank Peak. From the peak it’s a quick descent to Calico Tank. This route is shorter than the Calico Traverse route and has lots of class 3 scrambling.
If you are looking for longer hikes, I just updated the Bridge Point hike on the website and placed additional cairns along the route. This is a level 5 hike and will take from six to eight hours.
Calico Tank Peak and the Red and White Route
I also updated the Ice Box Canyon Overlook hike. Great views of Ice Box Canyon waterfall as seen in the top left photo. This is a moderate hike and should take about five hours. There’s lots of class 3 scrambling on this one!
Have fun hiking and scrambling this weekend and comment here about your hike this weekend.
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