Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Books on Sale and More Deals for Members

Both books, Hiking Las Vegas and Hiking Southern Nevada are on sale! They are normally $20, now just $12.97 and that includes FREE shipping.

Hiking Las Vegas contains 60 hikes, 40 in Red Rock and 20 in Mt. Charleston. You can read more here and order the book.

Hiking Southern Nevada contains 50 hikes, 19 hikes around Lake Mead, 11 hikes and scrambles in Red Rock Canyon, 12 hikes and mountaineering routes in Mt. Charleston, and 4 hikes in theValley of Fire.
You can read more here and order the book.

I am working on providing members discounts for hotels in prominent hiking destinations outside of Las Vegas. I will keep everyone informed.

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I just published a new slide show of my favorite photos from Red Rock Canyon, just 20 miles west of Las Vegas, using the popular Lightbox application. You can see it here.

Kenny, Peter, Doyle, Barb and others hike Bridge Point today. Kenny reports no snow on the route, lots of water, and lots of snow on the North Face.