Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Waterfalls at Red Rock Canyon

The waterfalls are still flowing at Red Rock Canyon, which is just 20 miles from Las Vegas, NV.  There are several waterfalls in Red Rock.

Here’s a list:

Lost Creek – easy hike for the whole family. The trailhead is located in Willow Springs, which is 6.2 miles along the Scenic Loop Road.

Ice Box Canyon Waterfall: a moderate hike to the waterfall. Some boulder hopping is required. The trailhead is located 7.3 miles along the Scenic Loop Road.

First Creek Waterfall: an easy hike, but hard to find since there are no signs indicating there's a waterfall. The trailhead is located along State Route 159, four miles beyond the turnoff for Red Rock Canyon along the right (west) side of the road. Since the trailhead is not on the Scenic Loop, there's no fee!

There are several other seasonal waterfalls in Red Rock, though they are hard to find. Members of my website can download step by step directions to all the waterfalls in Red Rock Canyon. More information here.