Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Graffiti Canyon and Upper Lost Creek Waterfall

On Sunday (2-16-2010), we planned to hike to Rocky Gap Boulder and then to an overlook almost 1,000 feet above Lost Creek Canyon. There's a large waterfall about halfway up the canyon that can be seen from the overlook. Unfortunately we were in for an unpleasant surprise.

I knew the canyon would have lots of water from a previous hike when Peter and I descended Graffiti Canyon and I thought we might need a canoe to get through!

I also wanted to see the seasonal waterfall at the start of the south heading canyon. I had been there the previous winter and got some great photos of ice on the surrounding trees.

Well, we did not make it to the waterfall or Rockey Gap Boulder. There was a lot of water in the canyon, but what really made it tough going was all the down trees in the wash. After 0.25 miles or so we got tired of climbing through brush and getting cut up. I am sure someone will clean the canyon. Don't think the BLM or the employees at Red Rock will clean the canyon; they don't know where Graffiti Canyon is located!

We decided to hike to the Upper Falls in Lost Creek Canyon. It's a short hike from Willow Springs parking lot with some easy class 2 scrambling. In no time we were admiring the waterfalls. The main waterfall is still flowing big-time. For the best photos of the waterfall hike to the left (north) on somewhat exposed sandstone to a flat area where you have a better angle of the waterfall. See the photo below. Also there's a video of Lost Creek Waterfall below.