Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mt. Charleston Report

Yesterday (1-12), Kenny and I went snow shoeing up in Mt. Charleston. We followed the North Loop Trail, which ultimately leads to Charleston Peak (11,918 feet). We stopped at Raintree, a 3,000 year old bristlecone pine. Although it was nice at the trailhead (~8,600 feet), at Raintree the wind picked up making for a quick break.

We would have been very cold if we did not have the proper gear. It's winter up there, regardless how warm it is down in Las Vegas. You better come prepared or suffer! Also, check the weather forecast before driving up to the mountain.

There was snow from the trailhead all the way to Raintree. It was hard packed making for fast travel. The route we followed was much shorter than the actual trail. Snow shoeing is great exercise and it's low impact. As long as you dress properly, it's a fun activity.

The forecast calls for possible snow Wednesday night. Thursday could be a good day to snowshoe with the fresh snow on trees making for some great photo opportunities.

Notes: Joseph almost got a ticket in Red Rock Canyon. He got back to his car (at Pine Creek TH) at 5:24pm with a ranger about to write him a ticket. There's a rumor going around the rangers don't start patrolling until six pm. I did not believe it. The Scenic Loop closes at 5 pm.