Sunday, December 6, 2009

Juniper Peak

Today (12-6), 23 hikers braved the cold (not really) and hiked to Juniper Peak in Red Rock Canyon. This is one of my favorite moderate hikes in Red Rock. Let's see how observant you are and how well you know this hike. Click on the photo to the left and tell me what's different.

The forecast is calling for snow in Red Rock Canyon tonight. Today might be the last hike in Red Rock for a bit, at least to the higher peaks. There are numerous east facing hikes out of Calico Basin that might be snow free. You can find all of these routes on my website in the Member's Only Section.

Right now I am giving a $20 discount off a lifetime membership. It's only $100, instead of $120. Hurry this offer will not last long.

Notes: There's plenty of room in the sign in book at Juniper Peak. I will answer the above question in the next blog.