Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Is Google Ruining Itself?

We all use Google to search the Web, but recently during my research for a new project I have seen an alarming trend. Some of the search results are worthless because of Google Ads. When I searched for "Mesquite, NV and camping" the results were horrible. The top listed entry had a huge Google Ad in the top center of the page. When I scrolled past the ads, the rest of the page was blank! Really helpful.

The second entry was even worse. In the center of the page were Ebay listings for various items, none related to camping. Why don't these web sites try and sell a quality product or information, instead of placing misleading Google Ads? Don't get me wrong I like Google and still only use their search engine. I would hate to see them go the way of Microsoft.

Again, does not have Google Ads. All the information on my site is on my site. When you click on a link, you are going to a page that you expect to go to with the information you want. I find it funny that other websites claim to be the source of hiking information for southern Nevada. They don't even come close. I have found, documented and led more hikers to peaks than all the other websites combined. Oh, I was NEVER a ranger and I don't look like a 65 year old, homeless, meth head. Ouch!