Sunday, October 11, 2009

Crabby Appleton Pk, Rainbow Pk and Wall and Bridge Mtn

On Saturday (10-11), 16 hikers followed the wild route to Crabby Appleton Peak, a little known summit in Red Rock Canyon. This is one of my favorite moderate hikes in Red Rock and it's a loop hike. The route travels through Pine Creek Canyon before starting the ascent to the summit. There's lots of class 3 scrambling to reach the top, but the views from the summit are worth it.

Now the interesting part comes: a very exposed downclimb to reach the descent gully. In fact I had to tie a swami belt for a few people and lower them down. Once past this obstacle, it's a fast descent to the trailhead. Everyone had a good time and I am sure a few hikers will never forget this hike!

On Sunday we hiked Rainbow Peak and Rainbow Wall via the Rainbow Peak Without the Ledges route, one of the best in Red Rock Canyon. The real route starts at the base of Rainbow Wall with a long pull up a rope. The route then descends 200 feet of exciting and exposed rock before starting back up over 1,000 feet to the summit. We were at the peak by high noon.

One peak was not enough, so we hiked over to Rainbow Wall. We climbed the famous "ledges" on our way to the 1,200 foot wall. Just past the ledge is Photographic Ledge, another cool spot in Red Rock Canyon. Another 15 minutes of hiking and we were looking down Rainbow Wall. We descended via Gunsight Notch and were back to the cars by 4 pm. Panorama from Rainbow Peak.

Since Monday was a holiday for some, Nancy, Kathy and I hiked Bridge Mountain via the North Peak Wash route. I rewrote the hike description and included more waypoints. This is a great route to Bridge and cuts the drive on the Rocky Gap Road in half. The Rocky Gap Road is in about the same shape as always. Panorama from Bridge Mtn.

During the descent I almost step on a baby rattlesnake. This is the time of the year the snakes are most active. Despite what many books say I have never seen snakes on ledges, only on the ground and mostly on trails.

Notes: Book on Crabby Appleton is in good shape. A new book was placed at Rainbow Peak. There's a small sign in book at Bridge Mountain.