Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sierra Trip Report Part 1

Well, we are back from our six day trip in the Sierra. For Kathy and I it was a three part trip. The first part was staying in a motel and climbing Lone Pine Peak with Adam, Shin, Mark and Sha-Jin. We climbed the north face of Lone Pine Peak, a route I and others found a few years ago. This route has plenty of exposure.

We got an early start and saw early morning light shine on Mt. Whitney as the moon was still in the sky. Our hike starts on the Meysan Lake trail, which goes to Meysan Lake! We followed the trail for five miles before heading cross country to the start of the North Face Route. Unbelievably, some of our cairns were still standing as we made our way up the face. There are some exposed climbs on the face and some awesome photo opps.

By a little past noon we were all standing on the 12,994 foot peak, known as Lone Pine Peak. We followed the standard, class 2 route, back to the trailhead. We all met at the Pizza Factory in Lone Pine and had dinner. For the others it was back to Vegas. For Kathy and I we were headed to Hungry Packer Lake for a four day backpack and peak bagging adventure...