Thursday, September 24, 2009

Search and Rescue Seminar and More

Last night I went to a talk given by Metro's Search and Rescue. I will highlight the important points:
* There's NO charge to be rescued by Search and Rescue. Of course you have to pay any hospital bills etc.
* Do not hesitate to call them if lost or injured.
* When they approach you, do what they say and remember time is critical.
* If you see their helicopter while hiking, do not wave at them. This is confusing for them.

It was very informative and the officers really like their job, a rarity these days. Good for them.

When buying a base layer (clothing) what's the best color? I would have to say gray. Why? White shows dirt and black is too hot for Vegas hiking. If you have been on my hikes, you will get dirty. White is not a good choice. Even in winter the sun can be hot and black is the worse color.
Where can I get the best deals on these clothes? If you are a member of my web site, I post deals on all kind of gear in the Member's Only section.