Friday, September 4, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

For the past 10 years I have planned a trip to the Sierra over Labor Day Weekend and this year is no exception. We leave on Saturday for Lone Pine, CA, with Meetup hikers. On Sunday, we our climbing the North Face of Lone Pine Peak, one of the best routes in the Sierra. We should have about 10 hikers.

On Monday, Kathy and I are backpacking into the Evolution Region and camping at Hungry Packer Lake. On Tuesday our plan is to bag Picture Peak, one of the most majestic peaks in the Sierra. If time permits, we will hike over to Clyde Spire and nail the summit also.

Wednesday we will get an early start to Hackle and Wallace doing an easy traverse between them. All these peaks are in the 13,000 foot range with the exception being Clyde Spire. Thursday we will backpack out and go into Bishop before heading over to Boundary Peak in Nevada.

After camping at Boundary trailhead Thursday night, we will bag Boundary and Montgomery on Friday before heading home.