Thursday, August 27, 2009

Yosemite Trip Report - Follow Up and More

A few random thoughts about the Yosemite trip. First, the information on the web about seldom hiked peaks is questionable at best. I am still confused on how to do Blacksmith Peak from the write up I have. Granted this peak only sees a few hikers a year, if that. If I do the peak, you can bet I will write it up so you can follow my directions. Yeah you will have to pay for it, but you will make the peak and I think that's worth the small price. If you combine Yosemite and the Sierra, I have 40 hikes available for download. Many of the hikes go to the peaks. Here's the list.

I do not think the campground at Tuolumne Meadows is that great. First, it has a bad bear problem. Second, it's very crowded and congested. It's also tough to get reservations, because it's very popular. I am sure there are better campgrounds nearby, but I have not camped anywhere else. On the upside if you leave a day or two early, you do get a full refund. Make sure to hang on to your receipt.

I am off to do Orderville Canyon in Zion this weekend. That hike will be in the Member's Only section by early September. The following weekend Kathy and I are doing Lone Pine Peak, and then backpacking to Hungry Packer Lake to do Picture Peak and at least one other peak in the Sierra. I might make one last attempt to bag Blacksmith. It has become my new Mt. Corcoran. It took four attempts to bag that one. I gave up trying to find the route from Tuttle Creek. Again, the instructions I had were very confusing. I have very good instructions how to hike Mt. Corcoran in the Member's Only section of this web site.
See ya,