Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Various Updates

First we are into the Monsoon season big time and I think it's gonna be a bad one. Last time a Monsoon season reared it's ugly head like this the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor :)
Seriously, for tips about thunderstorms click here and expand the Real Dangers section.

All routes are snow free in Mt. Charleston now. I just got a report that Yosemite is pretty much snow free. We are headed there soon. I have to bag a couple of peaks that I missed last year due to poor route descriptions.

I just published a panorama from Mt. Moriah. Click here to see it. I also just published the route description. Members can download it by clicking here. Interested in a membership?
Click here to learn more.

This weekend I will be leading back to back hikes to McFarland and Bonanza Peaks. Both of these are seldom hiked peaks. There's a good chance we will see wild horses on the Bonanza Peak hike. Pretty wild when you think about it.