Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New Red Rock Visitor Center - Bad News

You have all heard of the 23 million dollars Red Rock Canyon received to build a new Visitor Center. Gee, I thought the country was in an economic down turn. Well if that isn't enough to turn your stomach, try this on for size: The BLM is taking the first steps to raise the entrance fees at Red Rock Canyon,which would go for maintaining the new Visitor Center. Isn't that nice?

Now I am sure the official response from the "people" at Red Rock would include words to the effect Branch is lying, except for one little item: A story in the RJ. Ouch! Just in case that story disappears I printed out a hard copy and placed it at the summit of Dead Horse Point, a place none of the employees at Red Rock know exists. Ouch again!

And now this report just in: Visitors are staying away from National Forests in droves. One would figure that this trend would also apply to Red Rock Canyon. More on this story here. Scroll down to 2009 07 29 Forests Receive Fewer Visitors; however the real story was emailed to me and is indicative of all National Forests.

I have a simple question for the morons out at Red Rock: Why haven't you built a decent trail to Turtlehead? You are the first to scream like a mental patient when someone hikes off trail. The existing route is a maze of paths that no one can follow the same way twice, hence everyone is hiking off trail.