Monday, July 6, 2009

100 Hikers Watched Fireworks from the Muffin Boulders

This past Saturday, the 4th of July, I led 100 hikers up to the Muffin Boulders (Las Vegas Overlook hike) to watch fireworks! What a view. We were less than a mile from Red Rock Station Casino, who had a great fireworks show.

The hike went off without a hitch. From the meeting place, parking at the trailhead, and the actual hike, everything was smooth. It took some planning to do a hike with 100 people and have them descend the trail at night. This was one of the biggest turnouts in the history of the hiking chapter of
See video of the hike below (scroll down).

This hike is also a great workout type hike (4.5 miles and 600 foot elevation gain) that can be done during the summer months. Kathy and I got a 6 am start and were in the shade almost the entire hike. If you started around 5:30 am, you would be in the shade all the way to the top. What a great way to start your day! This hike is not along the Scenic Loop road!

Yesterday (7-5), I led 19 hikers to Griffith Peak in Mt. Charleston via Harris Springs route. This is such a scenic route and my favorite route to the peak. The route is in good shape and now there's a small sign (104) marking the final turn to the trailhead.

Notes: We met at the Albertson's (Charleston and Desert Foothills) parking lot at 7:30 pm for the hike to the Muffin Boulders to watch the fireworks. It was the perfect time to meet. Many of the hikers got to the ridge before it got dark.
The sign-in book at Griffith Peak needs to be replaced.