Saturday, March 21, 2009

Juniper Peak Hike

Yesterday (3-20), five of us hiked to Juniper Peak in Red Rock Canyon. This is one of the best moderate routes in Red Rock. We parked at Oak Creek Canyon parking lot. There's more parking there and it is easier to follow the trail into Juniper Canyon than starting from Pine Creek.

Someone has been working on the trail leading into the canyon. It's very easy to follow now. Thanks! Once in the canyon there's easy bouldering that soon gives way to easy scrambling. Most of the route is class 1 and 2 climbing.

As we neared the summit we ran into another group of hikers, some were members of It was a perfect day weather wise.
Slide show of the hike.

Notes: There's a rope at the dry fall leading to Rainbow Wall. It had been taken down last week.
The route to Juniper Peak is well cairned. There's an ammo box at the summit and lots of room left in the book.