Sunday, December 7, 2008

Gray Cap Peak

Today Doyle, Tom, Peter and I hike Gray Cap Peak via the Twin Tanks route. There are many routes to Gray Cap Peak. I believe the route we took today is the best. When there's water or ice in the Twin Tanks, it's one of the most scenic spots in Red Rock Canyon.

Our original plan was to hike Terrace Canyon Peak, but with the forecast calling for rain we changed our plans. Unfortunately, there's no water in the tanks currently. From the tanks the route to Gray Cap Peak is obvious.

I was surprised at how many entries are in the sign-in book at Gray Cap Peak. I did not realize how popular this peak has become. I first did it back in 2001 and really did not think it was that good. The peak is ok, but the routes are really fun.

We descended a route Eva, Richard and I found last winter. This makes the hike one of the best short scrambling hikes in Red Rock and a perfect winter hike.

As I was doing some research I realized I had not published the route to Twin Tanks. It has been finished for over nine months! With 340 hikes it's hard to keep track of everything. Members can download it now. If you are not a member, this page has information on how to become a member. Once a member you can download as many hikes as you want for an entire year!