Sunday, November 30, 2008

White Pinnacle Peak

On the last day of November nine hikers scaled the imposing looking White Pinnacle Peak on the extreme southern end of Mt. Wilson in Red Rock Canyon, just 20 miles west of Las Vegas. This route has a little bit of everything in it: face climbing, chimneys, and wild exposure. Everyone did well and we had a great day with just about perfect weather.

This is a serious route with lots of hard climbs and death exposure. Due to the difficulty and danger when climbing the chockstone and chimney, this hike should be limited to 10 hikers or less.

The walk out to the summit is one of the most exposed places in Red Rock Canyon. Some hikers have never made it to the summit due to the exposure. It's actually only a class 2 walk out to the end. See above photo.

We descended via the "shortcut" route in First Creek. It's an easy scramble from the summit to the chute that leads down into First Creek Canyon.

Notes: I did a lot of cleaning and we placed some additional cairns. Luba placed a new container at the summit and the book has plenty of pages.

History: Davis and I found this route in December of 2003. It took a lot of work to make this a doable route.