Thursday, November 20, 2008

How to Search This Blog

This may seem too obvious to many readers, but I did not see the search box for this blog! For me there's just too much information on most blogs and on web pages to digest.

So where's the search box?
It's at the top of this page (upper left), not the top of your computer screen. See the photo (click it to enlarge it). To me it kind of blends into the page and I did not notice it. I just changed the color to blue. It stands out better than the old color.

To use simply type the term in you are searching for. Example: Bridge Mountain
Next click on the works "search blog." That's it!

One note: When you scroll down the page the search box disappears.

This search box is on all Google blogs. So you can search within any Google blogs that you read. My blog is becoming quite large and a way to search all the articles comes in handy.