Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving And No Snow in Red Rock!

15 hikers celebrated Thanksgiving last night at my house. Ed graciously supplied and cook the turkey. Everyone brought their favorite dishes and we all had a feast.

After dinner I showed the first cut of the documentary I have been working on for the past eight months. The segment featured Peter. The finished film also features Luba, Eva, Doyle and Peppe. My plan is to enter the film in contest around the country.

As usual we did a Thanksgiving day hike. Due to the rain and the wild looking clouds, we hiked into Fern Canyon. The rain and clouds made for an interesting hike. The big surprise was no snow in Red Rock, not even on the summit of Mt. Wilson.

Mt. Charleston is a different story. From what I saw driving today, it appears Charleston received a ton of snow. I estimate the snow level is around 9,000 feet.