Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Charleston Peak and Bridge Mountain

On Saturday Mark and I did Charleston Peak via the South Loop trail. It was a breeze. We had been hiking and climbing in the Sierra lately, so anything in Charleston seems pretty easy. During the descent we were getting bored with the trail, so we decided to descend the Cathedral Rock to South Loop Trail route. It's very steep, very loose, and very hard to follow. I do not recommend this as either an ascent or descent route.

On Tuesday, Dana and I did Bridge Mountain via North Peak Wash, a route Jerry Umbrella and I found nearly 14 years ago. It was the best hike I have ever done to Bridge Mountain and I have done Bridge over 50 times. A nice breeze kept us cool. Although Dana says she scared of heights, you would never know it. She handled the climbing without any problem. The route is well cairned and the Rocky Gap road still sucks, although her jeep easily handled the rough spots.

We are planning to do lots of weekend trips. This is good news and bad news. The good news I will be adding even more hikes from outside of Las Vegas to the Members Only club. The bad news is I will not be leading as many hikes on the weekends, since I will be out of town.