Monday, August 18, 2008

Mummy the Hard Way and Flooding at Havasupai

On Sunday five of us hiked the Mummy the Hard Way route to, you guessed it, Mummy Mountain. The normal route starts at Fletcher Canyon and climbs over 4500 feet to the summit. We started at Trail Canyon, which makes the route easier. Near the top of the route someone put in a fixed line. Since it was there, we decided to descend the route. Once off of the rope, the descent was very fast. This is my favorite route to Mummy.

You may have heard about the flooding at Havasupai. apparently dam broke after a heavy downpour. You can see video of the flood here. I am off to Yosemite on Wednesday to climb the Matterhorn, Mt. Conness and Cloud's Rest. See ya next week.