Saturday, July 5, 2008

Griffith Peak via Harris Springs

On Saturday, the 5th of July, 21 hikers took the scenic route to Griffith Peak via Harris Springs. The weather was great with a mild breeze and plenty of clouds set against a brilliant blue sky. We made the summit by noon and were joined by other hikers from different groups. There must have been close to 40 people on the summit.

The sign marking the right turn off of Harris Spring road to the trailhead is gone. It's exactly 3.2 miles up Harris Springs road to the right turn. Although it's really not a big deal if you miss the turn. You can only drive another 200 yards or so before coming to a gate and posted sign that reads: Private Property.
The road to the trailhead requires a high clearance vehicle.

A friend of mine had two flat tires on the drive up and then back down on Harris Springs road. It turns out tires (even on SUVs) are either for street driving or off road. She had street tires on her SUV. If you have a SUV you might want to check the tires if you plan on driving off road.